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måndag, maj 16, 2005

This weekend we had grilling down the beach. Must say we were brave - the wind was terrible, but with good preparations it all worked out an okey experience. We had a warm and dangerous fire going.
today it is raining.
I need to buy Chamomille.
Saturday was bloody hot, but we got downtown by bus, got some really important stuff done and had a good time.
I feel washed over today, eating allergy tablets and feeling sleepy.
Sorry I was being so hard on the is just, that every time we get involved with something like that, two or at least one of us goes sick! This time my darling Son got an eye-infection, and it is not over yet. I won't get it - why it always feel like they have a war going on there(?) I wish it would stop. (I am glad it is Drug-Free at HamnMagasinet. It's all right.)
I give up my own project for the sake of this, and then we end up paying money for the loss of the group. Bloody hell, where's our compassion gone? anyway: the artists seemed happy when they left (and i missed all the music myself, but aren't I just a wallpaper?!), and I know we/they got at least one good review from Stockholm! The local papers did their job. also, I feel fucked, because my dog died somewhére in that mess. She was old, but nevertheless it's always tough to lose someone. Praisings for Snowie, the cutest dog on earth! We saw her growing up from being a baby. May she rest in Peace.


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