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torsdag, januari 21, 2010

Kopierat från en diskussion på iPeace:

Weather sensitivity and global climate changes?

I am starting this discussion, even though i am aware that I might be treading on slippery ice (hal is):
I am a person with high weather sensitivity. If thunder is coming, I get a pounding migraine. so how does one with this sensitivity get affected by global changes in climate?
I reckon that changes have always been going on, and there has always been an unbalance in weather conditions (of course)
but now, my understanding is, that it is going faster than before, we really feel like we've "lost control" is some respects. I think that is because capitalism has forced us to disrespect nature, to love growth more than anything else (because in economical terms that means money). But aren't we causing Gaia cancer?
I think it is crap, that people become allergic, even to electricity, or with heavy asthma, and these people get treated with medicines, but the source of the problem is not healed.

Man is too confortable, drives his car etc. It IS causing the Earth problems!
What I am hinting at, in relation to the discussion here about the sunlight in the north, and also I saw something about Aurora Borealis, which is colored light caused by magnetic fields, I think (?) is
that migraine and depression and allergic reactions to electric fields, or to chemicals in the air, or skin cancer in the south is telling me/us something. Not that I need treatment, but that the Earth is also unbalanced, and maybe needs a more positive treatment.

When did machines become more important that humans?

If I am blunt - I think what I mean is that Aurora B. and midnight sun are both specific climate codes to this part of the world (northern Sweden is where I am).

If the world is heating up, which is what I've heard from many directions, and the ice is melting...then what is being most threatened is exactly this!

we (in the cold north) are being challenged by the warmth that is already in south parts of the globe. In hotter climates, they say "I do not understand how people could have chosen to live where the climate is so cold". I heard it so many times that I just stopped listening. Because if that is all they can say about my home country, then how can I explain? maybe in a sense people up here get closer to eachother, because the warmth of love also is a cure. I find that Swedes are actually quite good at speechless languages, like mind reading and such. Whereas in other places you have to touch someone or get up really close for the other person to understand.

When I mentioned cancer, I was speaking about the notion I have, that we plunder the earth quicker than we let it heal. Pollution is actually more than most people WANT to think. because we are all very good at making ourselves blind to some facts. And we believe in lies, if they seem to save our own backs, don't we? Even if there are some scientists that can live with the knowledge of all the chemicals flowing around, there are billions of people that can't and those will get all the symptoms of sickness. If the over-all protection is not well enough designed (like if people don't have knowledge and an immune system or well-functioning medical care coverage) then more and more people will fall in the gaps? So we have to find ways to slow the consumtion, and to make things work more dynamical.

Maybe if more people start meditating and you know, people slow down and then the World will slow down also...more time to see, to feel to think. Make good decisions.

Time is money, and vice versa, so if people "didn't have to" think so much about making money, they would have more time to live the money they actually earn. I think many would feel released not feeling like they should be wanting more, so to say-



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