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fredag, januari 20, 2006


i like mangoe best!!!

söndag, januari 08, 2006

paw-paw or pie-pie? just ordinary banana, please?
-no papaya? nope

the da sight is ral slow___
i can publish one a day. go see thylacine crap, crack no, in Trak-Tor.
Paw. picks up something down there, see! it's a Baloon!!!

i favourited someone's ID--didn't know that. A rasta-guy who thinks misic's the best!!! Fairenough.

Chips. Tips on my of fingers lingering on dreads.
little pink gloves, filled with wheat.

moo, moo!
watch me bee....bzzzzzz
fly away.
pick up those chips and eat'em, you won't get fat i promise.

some mor e "sick poetry" (if someone is sick, you amuse them with funny words), coming up sooon!

söndag, januari 01, 2006

plocka Lingon...

Här är två bilder:
en på min pappa som håller upp min äldsta son (han var bäbis då)på gula bilen (som är såld!), och jag själv som packar väskan.

Bild två: - plockar blommor till en midsommarkrans?

Happy New Year!

Have just been downstairs, outside and watched fireworks. - It's pretty scarey!
People just don't watch the safety rules. They blow off a rocket, with people standing just next to it. Sometimes it goes off in unexpected direction...

Air filleed with smoke, terrible noise and lights that make your eyes shocked. Hope they ban that soon. Even if I was one of few with kids there, people WITHOUT, should be careful aswell.

Anyway; found some nice pictures from Australia, from when we lived in the Stone House and Silas was twoo.


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