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fredag, september 16, 2005

smith is the most common name in England...?

That's what my english-teacher told me at high-school. it -smiths- makes me think about the (dark)belgian workers coming into Sweden from Belgium in the 1600's. I have blood from there in me it is said, though in 400 years or so, my family turned quite blonde again, to be made "brown" in my own case.

Anyway - the guy here...Robert, I've been watching two recorded tapes with him from MTV recently, and of course all the other musicians of The Cure. When I was fifteen THIS was the most influential music group on/to me. I still think they are doing interesting stuff, and actually...I was just looking for a picture to fill my Blog up a bit. Lucky Rob!!! a handy medicine (play on words -cure! ha-ha)


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